Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference

The Chrysalis Young Leaders Conference will be held from 27 July to 3 August 2019.

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A world-class education experience

Chrysalis Young Leaders develop valuable leadership skills useful for school, university and in realising future goals and opportunities.

The Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference will be held in July 2019 and will be available to Year 9 to 11 students from around the world. The themed workshops will help you think about your undergraduate aim and explore options available for higher studies – all of this while experiencing the Australian lifestyle in sunny Brisbane.

The program includes Academic English workshops to introduce you to Australian contemporary world issues with an emphasis on developing communication skills in the area of leadership and cross-cultural competence.

The Chrysalis experience offers you the platform to develop into a globally minded citizen by placing a strong emphasis on engagement with world-class academics, business leaders, alumni and current students. You will also be provided with several opportunities to interact with and learn from IES and UQ students, including participation in classroom observations to gain insight about teaching and learning in Australia.

Throughout the conference, you will participate in educational and social activities and discuss current world issues. You will use Virtual Business Enterprise, a virtual business simulation to explore the world of business and experience what it’s like to run your own business. Career workshops delivered in collaboration with world-class leading academics and industry leaders will get you thinking about which career path to choose. Our program helps you to develop your leadership, problem solving and decision making skills.

You will also have the opportunity to develop your cross-cultural competency by engaging with local students, students from around the world and the local community through our wide range of activities.

A suite of recreational activities will give you the chance to experience the best of Brisbane and its surrounds. You will explore sunny Brisbane through a range of exciting activities and trips planned throughout the program.

At the end of this fantastic experience, you will gain confidence and broaden your world perspective. Chrysalis offers you a fun-filled educational experience in Brisbane with positive memories so you can return home as a global citizen and future leader.

2019 Program Dates:
27 July – 3 August 2019
Duration: 1 week

Who can apply for the Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference?

This program is available to high school students from Year 9–11 from Brisbane and around the world. Students in these year levels usually fall under the 14-17 year age group.

Number of participants:

Approximately 40 students from around the world, including students from local Australian schools. Note that there are a limited number of spots available per country.

Guest Speakers for 2018

[Image: Louis Lim]

Sonja Carmichael

Sonja Carmichael is a Quandamooka woman and has come from a long line of traditional women, descendant of the Ngugi people, one of three clans who are the traditional custodians of Weaving has become central to her deep-rooted connectedness to her country and reflects her family’s spiritual connection with the land and seas of Minjerriba (North Stradbroke Island).

As part of her practice she has also been gathering and weaving with diverse lost and discarded items that are washed up on Minjerriba, which she unravels to create new forms, connecting past, present and future. This marine debris has survived harsh conditions and is an expression of caring for her country and the resilience and strength of our community today.

Sailoto Liveti

Sailoto Liveti is currently enrolled in a Master of Environmental Management at the University of Queensland, majoring in Sustainable Development. Since 2015, he has immersed himself within the Brisbane climate activism scene, harbouring the passion to change the narrative that is currently affecting the Pacific Islands.

Although born and raised in Australia, his parents migrated from the small Pacific nation of Tuvalu. For those who are unaware of the nation’s current issue, Tuvalu has been predicted as one of the first countries to be fully submerged by sea level rise. Acknowledging and cherishing his ties to his land and his cultural identity, Sailoto is making an active effort to promote climate action while residing in Australia.

In order to do so, Sailoto has been associated with various non-for-profit organisations including Friends of the Earth as a main role in the theatrical production Mama’s Bones which emphasised the cultural consequences of climate change for islanders, 350 Pacific where he co-led the Indigenous contingent in the 2015 People’s Climate Rally in Brisbane, the Australian Marine Conservation Society as the 2017 Brisbane Volunteer Committee Chair.

Although he endeavours to one day partake in reviewing and monitoring climate change adaptation plans in Tuvalu, he knows how crucial it is for climate action to happen now. An avid believer in people power and narratives, Sailoto aims to promote a focus on this matter through sharing stories and personal encounters from his people at home.

Andrew Cowan

Andrew Cowan is the Head of Department (Humanities) at International Education Services.

Since graduating from The University of Queensland, he has worked in education both locally and internationally (Taiwan). Since returning to Brisbane in late 2013, he has continued working within the education sector.

Andrew is married with a young baby girl born late last year, who keeps him very busy when not at work! During his workshop, Andrew will be helping students to build their public speaking skills and confidence.

Kate Phillips

“Breaking the Barriers and Beating the Odds”- Inspirational Speech

Kate is a landscape architect and owner of Orange Sherbet a jewellery design shop. Kate is also an ambassador of the Cycle of Giving, a cycling event to raise funds for organ transplant research. Kate was born with a hole in her heart and had to receive a lifesaving heart and lung transplant at the age of 27.

The journey and wait for the transfer procedure was not a particularly easy one. However, while waiting for a new heart and lungs, Kate watched the 2013 Cycle of Giving from the sidelines, and watching that race gave her hope and inspiration that everything will be just fine.

And just 7 months after her successful transplant Kate rode in the 2014 Cycle of Giving. Running that race made her determined to raise awareness about organ transplant to give hope to others that everything will be okay.

In her workshop Kate will talk to the Chrysalis students about her experience and about the importance for someone to believe in them self and stay positive no matter what.

Dino Willox

"Setting Yourself Up for Success"

Dr Dino Willox is the Director of The University Queensland Employability Centre. The UQ Employability Centre helps students to identify and engage with activities and experiences that enhance their studies and develop their employability. Prior to arriving in Australia, Dr Willox was the Faculty Manager of the Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, and was formerly the Head of Student Records at Cardiff University. In this workshop Dr Willox will speak to the students about how they can set themselves and their career up for success.

Tamara Richardson

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Tamara Richardson is the Founder and Director of PACE 48, a multinational, youth-led platform Promoting Access to Cultural Education across 48 Asia Pacific countries. With more than 150 volunteers across 36 countries, PACE 48 facilitates youth-led intercultural relations, while promoting and preserving intangible culture in the Asia Pacific. Tamara is an appointed Associate of the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural & Interreligious Relations, Asia Pacific, and is an elected member of the University of Queensland’s Academic Board. In 2016, Tamara was selected as the Australian Ambassador to the UNESCO Asia Pacific Youth Dialogue in China, and was named an Australian delegate to APAC4U, a project of the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department. Tamara is the 2017 recipient of the Queensland Young Achiever Award in Cultural Diversity (Australia), and has previously worked in the human rights and development fields in China and Cambodia, while having facilitated youth centered workshops across India, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia. She is also a full-time undergraduate science (Psychology) student at The University of Queensland, Australia.

Nina Evason

Cultural Competence Training Workshop

IES' Digital Content Specialist, Nina Evason, is the project manager of the Cultural Atlas. This is a collaborative project between SBS, International Education Services Ltd (IES) and Multicultural NSW. Nina has worked closely with communities from over 30 countries to create this resource educating the public about the different cultures of Australia's migrant populations. She has a deep interest in increasing social cohesion for migrants, recently travelling to Mexico to study the immigration flows between the United States and Central America. In her workshop at Chrysalis, Nina will be sharing her expertise in cross-culture learning and multicultural affairs to show students how they can become more cultural competent in their own lives.

Chi Wa Iao

UQ School of Earth and Environmental Sciences -“Leadership on the Edge”

Chi Wa Iao is an IES alumni international student from Macau who is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Queensland, majoring in Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

Chi Wa is the first IES student to receive the IES Adventure Scholarship which took him to the Antarctic earlier this year, on an expedition with the famous environmentalist and polar explorer Robert Swan. A passionate environmentalist himself, Chi Wa returned from the expedition an even more determined advocate for our environment, in particular climate change.

Chi Wa has noticed a change within his thinking about the environmental issues we face, and has realised that the environmental crisis, we the humans created, can be solved by “us” instead of just him. As a result, Chi Wa aims to inspire more people, especially young adults and children since they are the future of our society, to take action now to improve our environment, and that it’s not just about the environmental issues, but also human behavior.

Claudia Moodoonuthi

Indigenous Art Workshop

Claudia Moodoonuthi is one of the Artists in Residence at IES, where she works on various projects with the IES College students and staff in line with the IES Art Gallery and its indigenous art collection, which is a means to provide a mechanism for deep exchange with, and appreciation of Australian Indigenous culture. As part of the Chrysalis conference Claudia will host and lead the Indigenous Art Workshop of the Chrysalis program.

Claudia Moodoonuthi’s canvas paintings reflect her connection to country. Her bold and colourful images are also greatly influenced by her language, tribe, history, and family, including her late great-grandmother May Moodoonuthi and the late Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda (Mrs Gabori). May Moodoonuthi and Mrs Gabori were among the seven Kaiadilt ‘sisters’ from Bentinck Island who burst onto the art scene at Mornington Island Art with their enchanting work incorporating the blazing colours of the tropics in 2005.