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Here's what our Chrysalites had to say...

Kotaro- from Japan
“This experience has given me a great understanding of how cultures can differ and be unique. Most importantly learning about other cultures made me realise my own Japanese culture. Overall, the Chrysalis Conference has been a life changing experience full of excitements, surprises and learning.”
Kaoru- from Japan
“I can sum up the Chrysalis conference in one sentence; it’s a once in a lifetime experience! Attending the conference gave me back the confidence that I had lost in myself. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed being myself.”
Hang- from Vietnam
“Chrysalis conference has been one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had in my life. It has not only given me many valuable skills and knowledge about cross-cultural leadership, but also priceless moments that I had with my friends who I consider as my family”
Jiwon- from Korea
“One of the best aspects of the Chrysalis conference is that it gives students the precious opportunity to make an exchange with many friends who were from diverse culture...the conference was truly a great stimulus for me because my dream is to become a diplomat. It taught me good communications skills, public speaking, decision-making and leadership skills especially when working in a team.”
Michelle- from Myanmar
“Chrysalis is an eye-opening experience with so many unforgettable moments, and I’m very appreciative for being awarded the chairman’s scholarship to attend the conference. I hope every youth get the chance to experience something like the Chrysalis conference.”
Yen-Hsin- from Taiwan
"The Chrysalis experience taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes in order to learn something. At the start of the conference I was scared to participate in discussions, I thought didn’t know how to express myself but by the end of the conference I had the courage to present in front of a big group. By the end of the conference I learned that it okay to make mistake as long as you keep trying"